We’ve prepared some information about the applications that can help you to adapt easier.

1. Belarus today – a universal program, which allows you to get the latest and the most actual information from popular Belarusian portals in just a few seconds. The simple interface is conveniently divided into 4 main categories: news, posters, exchange rates, technology.

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2. iBelarus – this is a great way to learn something new about Belarus. There are 260 interesting facts about Belarus. Truly interesting facts are chosen for you. Positively you will find something new, even if you think you know everything about Belarus. All the facts are sorted into topics for easy search of necessary information. 

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3. Tam.by – annex, which houses more than 80,000 business cards of various companies from all over the country. On the pages of the companies you will find the address, phone number, opening hours, as well as the list of services, and the main characteristics of the center or institution.By setting TAM.BY on the phone, you will easily find the nearest shoe repair, or go out on the administrator clock veterinary clinic on the weekend. The application includes a number of convenient filters that allow the company to find the desired type with regard to its working hours, location, and other important parameters

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4. Пульс границы Беларусь – this application allows to keep abreast of useful and relevant information on border crossings.Thanks this interface you can send information about a particular border crossing point. Then the data is sent to and processed by the application, and then formed a common list, available to others.The utility supports 24 border crossings, which are located on the border with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.Available convenient sorting and detailed list of all crossing points.

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5. Relax.by 
– byis a great find for residents and guests of Belarus. Using this app you can find all the noteworthy places and events in the country — from sales to theatres. Here are just a few sections of the application that reveal all the opportunities for users: holidays, health & beauty, education, leisure and tourism, games and sports, shopping and leisure facilities. Optionally, you can apply a filter to search by availability of parking near the object, the presence of smoking areas, on the mode of operation, the cities or even on the presence of Wi-Fi. 7. ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries – this app is made for users of mobile devices, based on the Android operating system, which provides fast and accurate translation of words and phrases with no need for connection to the Internet. One of the main features of the app is search for translations of words and phrases in few dictionaries and a high-quality dictionary content from the world's leading publishers. The app provides access to more than 250 dictionaries of 30 languages, from which the user can easily form his lexical vocabulary. 


6. Taxify– the mobile app uses the geolocation feature and automatically finds precise location of the user and the nearest cars. Taxify allows the customer to choose any car, specifying the tariffs in advance, and allows the driver to see the exact location of the user. 


7. Goes a simple and convenient solution for those who use public transport. Now, you can always see the current timetable in your city, even without access to the Internet. 

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8. 103.by –This is an application for searching for drugs. When you make a request for the name of the medine you will receive a list of nearby chemist's with indication of availability and prices on your requested medicine (pill, inunction, suppositories, gel, cream). The first step of search results contains variants of forms of drugs and its analogues, available in chemist’s of your city. You can see chemist’s on the map, call them from the app.. 

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All the apps are available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps