Anaïs Dehandschutter, Belgium

How happy I am to be here! It was very pleasant to get acquainted with interesting people and practise my Russian! Probably I will come to Grodno one more time J Thanks for everything!


Jeroen Van de Voorde, Belgium

I like Grodno very much. I am glad to get acquainted with nice Belarusian people and participants of Russian Language Summer School at GrSU. I love you, Belarus!


Alessandra Rizzo, Italy

Thank you for everything! Thanks to the Summer School I have improved my speaking skills and I met fantastic people!


Florane Lavend'homme, Belgium

People in Grodno are friendly and careful.  It was easy to get used to life in Belarus. :)


Joanna Strześniewska, Poland

I am very glad that I’ve managed to study at Russian Language Summer School and met many different and friendly people. I enjoyed my stay in Grodno. Thank you for letting me be here.


Dagmara Szczyrba, Poland

I am keen on Grodno, it is a very clean and beautiful town, and there are a lot of fascinating places here. During the School I met many interesting people. I will miss my teacher Elena Ivanovna.


Patrycja Chludzińska, Poland

I enjoyed my stay in Grodno. It is a clean and beautiful town. The Russian language lessons and excursions were very informative. Thank you very much!


MariaGiovanna Ricci, Italy

Thanks for this great opportunity. It was a wonderful experience!


Vega Maria Gonzales Garcia, Spain

It was a very nice experience. I liked lessons and appreciated the volunteers’ help. I am very glad! Now I can say: “I love you Belarus!”



Raquel Santos Ortega, Spain

Everything was very well! The teachers and volunteers were always helpful. I’ve learnt a lot. I really liked Russian Language Summer School. I can just say THANK YOU!!



Marta Jafiszow, Poland

I liked Grodno so much that I’ll definitely return here with my family. Thank you!



Maria Rosaria Maci, Italy

I really enjoyed my stay in Grodno and the people I met. 



Daria Mazurak, Poland

I am impressed by the town and organization of the School. The teachers are admirable and volunteers are welcoming!



Ewelina Makowska, Poland

I am glad I’ve taken part in Russian Language Summer School at GrSU. I met new interesting people here. I also found out that Grodno is a beautiful place.




Marcin Wlodarz, Poland

Thank you very much, Grodno, teachers, volunteers. I hope I will be back!



Jana Donner

I have never expected that I will be able to speak Russian so well in such a short period of time! My teacher is awesome! Thank you my teacher Irina and my group mates Brent and MariaGiovanna!


Uros Rustja, Slovenia

Interesting lessons, new friends.


Alina Ołtuszyk, Poland

Thank you for everything! I am so glad, that I’ve come to Grodno. I took pleasure from the lessons. Here I met a lot of interesting people.



Roberta Canovari, Italy

I really enjoyed the methods of teaching Russian at School, because during the lessons I was speaking most of the time. I never felt bored, because the lessons were very interesting and diverse.



Linda Stockelova, Czech Republic

I like Russian Language Summer School at GrSU. The lessons were always well-done, I learnt so many new things. I also feel that my Russian has been improved. I want to visit Grodno one more time. Grodno is a lovely town!



Jakub Skrodzki, Poland

The summer spent in Grodno seems to be a success. Grodno is wonderful! The weather was so nice as if it had been ordered for us. :)



Paulina Pastewka, Poland

Grodno is a very beautiful town, there are so many places worth visiting and people are welcoming here. Thank you for everything!



Žiga Šubic, Slovenia

I can recommend Russian Language Summer School to everyone!



Julia Buchrieser, Austria

I like Russian Language Summer School at GrSU very much. I think I have learnt a lot and the atmosphere in class was very pleasant. Grodno is a lovely town and people are friendly here. I am happy that I’ve used the chance to take part in Russian Language Summer School in Grodno! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)



Brent Gregory, the USA

I love Grodno! I really enjoyed the experience of this summer school! I didn’t know any Russian before, but now I can understand and speak better. I look forward to continue learning!



Karin Małogowska, Austria

Grodno is a picturesque town. People here are friendly and ready to help. I am grateful that I could take part in Russian Language Summer School. Thank you very much!