Participation fee 

Russian Language School


€385 (3 weeks)

Those participants who have a Certificate of participation in Summer or Winter Russian Language School, a Certificate of Pre-University Training, a certificate of study at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno are given a discount.

Summer School €370 (3 weeks)


Additional Costs:

weekend programme



city transport**

registration at Citizenship and Migration Department

Consular fee  (visa)

medical insurance

~ €30 (per excursion)

~€1,5-3 lunch in the university canteen

~€ 4.5-27 per day

~€ 0,25-0,50 per ticket

~€ 10 

depends on the country



**Cost of City Transport

Type of ticket


Single ticket for bus or trolleybus

~€ 0,24

Single ticket for bus or trolleybus (sold by driver)

~€ 0,26

Single ticket for minibus

~€ 0,52