Transportation in Grodno


In Grodno there is a well-developed system of transport service. You may choose among buses, trolleybuses, private minibuses and taxi. 

Buses and trolleybuses

Tickets for your trip in public transport can be purchased at newsstands and kiosks at the bus stop or from the driver. The cost of a one single-ride ticket is  Br 0,70 (~€ 0,24-) or Br 0,75 from the driver (~€ 0,26-).  Having entered a  bus or trolleybus,  you must validate (punch) the ticket in one of  a special device in the  bus/trolleybus cabin. 

For multiple travels in a city you can buy a seasonal ticket for one or several kinds of transport for 10, 15, or 30 (31) days. Season ticket valid for a half a month will cost about ~€ 7,  for a month - ~€ 14.

More information about the types of the tickets and prices you can find  here:

Transport runs on schedule, so you can check the time and routes on the website (in Russian) or at the bus stops. You can also use the applications Goes – расписание транспорта”,  BusGrodno or Zippybus (for  Android and for iOS (

Transport control is not so rare.  If you travel around Grodno without a ticket, you will have to pay a fine at a rate of 14.50 Belarusian rubles (~ €5).

Buses and trolleybuses run between 6.00 and 24.00.



One-way ticket for a minibus is a little more expensive, it costs  Br 1.50 (~€ 0,5)

Minibuses run between 6.00 and 23.00


Taxi in Grodno

You can call a taxi by the phone numbers:  7220107, 181, 155, 163 etc or  use the special applications  Uber BY, Yandex. Taxi etc.

An average fare for a taxi ride around the city of Grodno up to 4 km is 5-6 Belarusian rubles (~€2.5-3).