Where is Belarus?

Looking at the map below, we can easily see that Belarus lies in Eastern Europe, between Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia.  The location has made Belarus an important trade and transport route between Europe and the CIS. 



Why to learn Russian in Belarus?

“Why should I go to Belarus to study Russian?” It is a wise question, if you are unfamiliar with the country. Studying in Belarus is an excellent opportunity to become fluent in Russian, to communicate with native speakers and to get immersed in the everyday life and culture of the country. Why?

  • Russian-speaking country. Russian has the status of the state language in Belarus. More than 75% of the population in the cities use Russian in their everyday life as the main language of communication. You will always hear Russian in the streets, shops, parks, cinemas, etc.
  • Russian Language Teaching Tradition. Belarus has a strong tradition of teaching Russian as a foreign language to overseas students since the 1950s. There are many qualified and experienced Russian language teachers in Belarus.
  • Low prices. The prices for some services and products remain cheap in Belarus. To have a business lunch in Grodno will cost you €3-€4 in the café and €2 in the university canteen. A one-way ticket for a public transport will cost no more than €0,25. The price of the Summer School course is reasonable.
  • Belarus is considered to be a safe and secure country. There are no kidnapping and fringe groups. It is a safe place for travelers. You can go out in the evening without fear. Locals are usually friendly and helpful.
  • Favourable geographical location. The location of Belarus is also an advantage. Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe and surrounded by Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia.It is famous for its endless forests, thousands of rivers and lakes and medieval castles.

What to see in Belarus?

Belarus is famous for its endless forests, thousands of rivers and lakes, medieval castles, clean cities and friendly people. During the stay, our participants are offered a great opportunity to discover and enjoy the most beautiful places of the country, many of which are claimed to be UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage. Learn more about our Weekend programme

This beautiful video was created by Artyom Pryadko, as a project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belarus.